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Madurai is a noteworthy city in the territory of Tamil Nadu in southern India. It is the authoritative central station of Madurai District. Madurai is the second biggest company city by region and third biggest city by population in Tamil Nadu. Situated on the banks of River Vaigai, Madurai has been a noteworthy settlement for two centuries and is one of the most established ceaselessly occupied urban areas on the planet. Madurai is nearly connected with the Tamil dialect, as every one of the three essential assemblages of Tamil researchers, the Third Tamil Sangams, were held in the city between 1780 BCE and the third century CE. The written history of the city backpedals to the third century BCE, being said by Megasthenes, the Greek representative to India, and Kautilya, a pastor of the Mauryan sovereign Chandragupta Maurya.


Madurai is known as Athens of the East and a position of incredible recorded and social significance. It was initially known as Kadambavanam or the "timberland of Kadamba" or the Nauclea Kadamba. Madurai is home to a few memorable sanctuaries, landmarks, holy places and mosques. It is a journey focus and portal to south Tamil Nadu having the world acclaimed Sri Meenakshi Amman Temple at its centre. In 1801, Madurai went under the immediate control of the British East India Company and was attached to the Madras Presidency. The city advanced as a political and modern complex through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to end up plainly as a region base camp of a bigger Madurai locale.

How to Reach

By Road

The city of Madurai is all around associated by every single southern piece of India. The transport end is at a separation of 6kms from the city. One can book AC and in addition Non AC transports according to the need.

By Train

Coordinate trains are accessible from numerous urban communities of India. From Chennai, it takes seven hours to reach Madurai and trains run every day. The quickest prepare on the course is the Vaigai Express, a super-quick day prepare between Chennai Egmore and Madurai.

By Air

Madurai air terminal is a noteworthy worldwide air terminal in the state and is found 20 km from the core of the city. Local and global flights to Madurai are accessible from all over the world. Standard worldwide flights incorporate those from Dubai, UAE, Sri Lanka and Colombo.

Distance From Near By Cities

  • Kochi: 293 KM
  • Bangalore: 434.4 KM
  • Chennai: 463.8 KM
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