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About Ludhiana

Ludhiana District is one of the 22 areas in the province of Punjab in North-West Republic of India. Ludhiana city which is locale central command is the centre point of industry in Punjab. The principle enterprises are bike parts and hosiery. Ludhiana is the greatest city of the state. It has eight tehsils, seven sub-tehsils and twelve improvement squares. Settled on the banks of River Sutlej, Ludhiana is an antiquated city in Punjab.


Introduce day Ludhiana major modern focus of northern India. To such an extent that it is known as the 'Manchester of India'. It has 8 vast incorporated knitwear production lines, around 6,000 little to medium-sized knitwear manufacturing plants, 10 major hosiery yarn factories and 150 little to medium-sized worsted and woollen yarn factories. Other assembling units incorporate machine apparatuses, sewing machines, generators, diesel motors, tires and tubes, and other customer products. The fare showcase in Ludhiana is worth 40 million dollars. It is one of the wealthiest urban communities in the nation and has been nicknamed 'Merc City'.

Ludhiana city is known as the modern center point of Punjab, whose roots backpedal to the fifteenth century. This vivacious city has end up being a beautiful bunch of various societies, on account of its modern status. The innovative and imaginative desire of the Ludhianivis detectable itself flawlessly in different mechanical exercises. Ludhiana has time and again been known as the Manchester of India. Enterprises fabricating Cycle and its parts, Woolens, Machine Tools, Sewing Machines, Generators, Diesel Engines, Tires and Tubes and a large group of different utilities and buyer products speck the guide of Ludhiana. The mechanical items and hosiery fabricated in Ludhiana are utilized inside India as well as traded to various areas of the world.

How to Reach Ludhiana

By Road

Ludhiana is connected with real urban communities of Punjab like Amritsar, Chandigarh, Pathankot, Jalandhar and Ambala by both state transport and private transports. Transport administrations from different states like Himachal, Delhi, Rajasthan and Jammu are likewise accessible in Ludhiana. As transports keep running on everyday schedule and at visit interims, street transportation in Ludhiana is helpful and available.

By Train

Ludhiana is served by customary trains from Delhi, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Pathankot, Lucknow and other real north Indian urban communities. As Ludhiana has its own railroad station, one can without much of a stretch board a prepare from anyplace to go to Ludhiana. Additionally, many trains originating from distant urban communities have booked end here.

By Air

Chandigarh Airport, situated around 100 km away, fills in as the closest air terminal to Ludhiana. The second closest airplane terminal to Ludhiana is Amritsar Airport. All household carriers serve these two airplane terminals with every day flights. So one can load up a direct or stopover flight from any piece of India till Amritsar or Chandigarh and after that go to Ludhiana by transport or auto.

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