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The intricate and excellent work of art of Phulkari, the brilliant shades of Patiala Pagadi, Parandi and Jutti, the vastness of the Patiala peg and the comfort of Patiala salwar, form the essence of the city of Patiala. Patiala is known as the ' City of Forts and Gardens'. The Qila Mubarak situated in the core of the city was the local of the royals of Patiala before Old Moti Bagh Palace. The Baradari Gardens is one more fascination for its colorful array of blooms and house of royal resident, cricket stadium, and a skating ground.



Patiala a Royal city, the place where there is Maharajas is famous for its 'peg', 'pagri', 'dresses', 'jutti', 'Patiala sahi salwar', Reshmi naale , Food like 'Makki de roti' and 'Saraason da saag', folk songs , dances like Gidha and Bhangra , its customs and culture. In 1714 A.D Baba Ala Singh expected its authority. Patiala formely  known as 'Ala De Patti' on the grounds that Baba Ala Singh was the originator of this place. In 1763 Baba Ala Singh established the foundation of "Quila Mubarak". The city is built around the Qila Mubarak . The region of area Patiala is known as "Malwa".

"Maharaja Bhupindra" Singh (1900-1930) had given Patiala a prominent  place in legislative issues and in the field of sports. Big architectural designs were constructed during his time. "Yadwindra Singh" son  of Maharaja Bhupindra Singh, came towards the front to sign the instrument of accession  Hindus of Sirhind settle first at Patiala. They opened their business outside the"Darshni Gate”. The city of Patiala was designed and developed according to a plan akin to that of temple architecture, the first settlers of Patiala were the Hindus of Sirhind,  who opened their business foundations outside the Darshani Gate.

The royal house is presently headed by Captain Amarinder Singh who is likewise the present Chief Minister of Punjab. The royals are considered  as social and political icons in east Punjab.Maharaja Karam Singh who ruled from 1813 to 1845 joined the British East India Company and helped the British during the First Anglo Sikh wars against the Sikh Empire of Maharajah Ranjit Singh of Punjab which was bigger and stretched out from Tibet Kashmir, fields of Punjab to Peshawar close to the Afghan borders.

How to Reach Patiala

By Road

Patiala is 14 Kms from Kalwa, 24 Kms from Dittupur, 28 Kms from Kharorha, 50 Kms from Ambala, 63 Kms from Chandigarh, 96 Kms from Ludhiana, 156 Kms from Jalandhar and 177 Kms from Kapurthala. The state and private transports handle incredible administration to and from Patiala. 

By Rail

The closest rail is Patiala Junction. The railhead is associated with real urban communities like Ambala, Amritsar, Barmer, Bathinda, Delhi, Haridwar and Kalka. One can contract taxi or an auto to achieve the goal.

By Air

The closest airplane terminal is Chandigarh Airport, around 2 hour drive from Patiala. It is very much associated with all the real household air terminals. One can get a taxi or an auto to achieve Patiala.

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