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About Vellore

Vellore, part of one of the six regions that from North area of Tamil Nadu, is one of the greatest region in Tamil Nadu. Vellore City is the central station of this region. The Government of India as of late included Vellore city into esteemed smart city venture alongside 26 more urban cities.


Vellore has a mix of legacy and culture mirroring the antiquated Dravidian human advancement. Vellore was the couch of the Pallavas, Nayak, Marathas, Cholas, Arcot Nawabs and Bijapur Sultan Kingdoms. Vellore was at one time the capital city of the Vijayanagar Empire amid 1606-1672. The post in Vellore was portrayed as the best and most grounded stronghold amid the Carnatic War in the seventeenth century. The landmarks found in the area give a distinctive photo of the development of the city through the ages.

How to Reach Vellore

By Road

There are 3 interstates going through Vellore i.e. NH-46, NH-234 and NH-4 which associate Vellore to critical urban communities in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Vellore city itself is arranged on National Highway NH-46 that associates Bangalore and Chennai. Transport administrations are accessible to Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, etc.

By Train

Vellore has three principle railroad stations to be specific, Katpadi intersection, Vellore Cantonment and Vellore Town with Katpadi intersection getting the most movement. It is well connected with all the major cities of India.

By Air

Vellore does not have traveller flights at Vellore Airport but rather the legislature has plans to change over it into a completely useful one later on. The closest airplane terminal is Tirupathi Airport; other two choices incorporate Chennai International Airport at 130 km away and Bengaluru International Airport at 230 km away.

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